Understand customer behaviour
using real-time analytics

Learn The story of your customer

This customer passes by the shop each Thursday

8h21min Approximate time
of the passing by the shop
263x passings-by
2 visits of the store
this week
mobile device
26% passersby turned
into visitors

This is a loyal customer. She visits your store on a weekly basis

34y Age
31min average time spent
in the store
shopping time
4 units
in the basket
26€ The average value of purchase

The most visited store today is the bookstore.

6 people are currently browsing in the "Crime Novels" section
31% Success rate of the selected section
3min18s average time spent in the selected section
14:30 highest visitor rate of the selected section
12% visitors were converted
into paying customers
+4,9% 675 Shoppers
92% visitors did not buy anything Today
9h30min Highest number for paying customers
7min Average Time spent in the shop

Find out about lost sales opportunities

Based on our unique measures, we can identify lost sales opportunities that occurred during the day and display them in real time. Also, we're able to cross-check these missed opportunities with employee performance, store opening hours and other data impacting your revenues.

454 new
221 Loyal
+4,3% 46% Of Women
-0,7% 54% Of Men

Find out how often customers return and learn more about customer demographics

Watch how your customer loyalty evolves, how often clients return, how they move across the store and which weekdays are the most valuable for your business. Is this trend positive? Does your shop attract enough new customers to maintain growth? In case of the service deployed at multiple locations, you can benchmark individual stores across the entire chain.

+6,1% 7300€ Total Turnover
9,30€ Average value
of Transaction
3,5ks Units in the basket

Increase turnover, optimize employee shifts, tackle customer satisfaction

Watch progress of your shop's sales performance via any device available. You can easily connect these measures with employee recognition systems and optimize your opening hours. Are you able to grow the average number of units in a basket? Or is your shop more often visited by quick shoppers looking for small number of convenience goods?

Real results

„Based on the information collected from Pygmalios analytics solution, we plan to make changes and rethink our window strategy across the entire Slovak chain.“