• 2344 visitors
  • 4 minutes dwell time
  • ♂ 23% vs ♀ 77%
  • ♂ 34 years
  • every monday at 9:00
  • ♂ 54% vs ♀ 46%
  • 8 pieces
  • 23% CR, €22 ATV

Future of data-driven retail.

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NAY Elektrodom

BMW Slovakia




Pilulka Distribuce

Pilulka lekárny

MARNETT franchise stores

MARNETT franchise stores


Demand analytics

Track your shop potential, display conversion and another KPIs by detection of passersby and visitors.

In-store analytics

Improve service quality and understand customer and staff physical behaviour. Find how they spend their time in your shop.

Sales analytics

Improve your sales conversion for store or product. See your lost business opportunity.

Workforce management

Schedule your staff using hard-data. Optimise service productivity and service intensity as needed.

Queue management

Optimise queue and frontline waiting time. Get real-time awareness and improve customer experience.

How it works


How many people and how often are passing your shop? How many of them convert to visitors?



How do people behave in your store? How they shop? How does your workforce interact with your customers? We can provide you with insights unavailable in your transactional data.



What drives your visitors to become buyers? Explore the lost opportunity your store is generating, hidden causalities, workforce failures. Improve your turnover and customer experience.

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Why Pygmalios

Make data-driven decisions

Future of retail is driven by hard-data and their quick interpretation. Let us help you to manage your store and improve its chances to survive in the future.

Improve customers experience

Monitor how customers and staff interact together and improve service quality and customers experience.

Improve turnover and cost efficiency

Improve your turnover and optimise workforce scheduling precise data.

Easy to use cloud based application

Store Productivity

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Michal Tomčík

Business Development Director

Milan Novota

Head of Product

Igor Pavelek

Director of Operations

Peter Pecho


Tibor Tabery

Head of Retail Consulting & Organizational Development

Pozývame Vás 4. októbra 2016 o 8:30 do hotela HN Gate One v Bratislave na neformálne podujatie Budúcnosť retailovej analytiky.

Príďte a dozviete sa viac o budúcnosti retailu. Čakajú Vás 4 krátke prednášky, ukážky z praxe, moderovaná diskusia s našimi zákazníkmi a partnermi.

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