11 January 2018

Pygmalios Helped Clients to Increase Revenue by 6%

BRATISLAVA January 5, 2018 – It has been a successful year for the Slovak technological company and in-store analytics specialist Pygmalios. Pygmalios cooperates with major players on the market and helps them increase sales in over 400 operations. Pygmalios presented its technology at the most important events in Europe and expanded abroad.

The constant trend of increasing service quality and customer satisfaction is also increasing the interest in analyzing customer behavior in the brick-and-mortar stores. Pygmalios has been working with more than ten top players. Let’s just mention dm drogerie markt, Poštová banka or O2 Czech Republic. In 2017, clients decided to contract more than 400 brick-and-mortar shops to use metrics and analytics which will help them understand the customer’s behavior and service quality at a branch. Pygmalios lists a few interesting findings from 2017. “Customers stay in average 74 seconds longer in the shop, with a 15% average footfall increase. This reflects in total revenue increase in average of 6% “says Juraj Podroužek, Customer Success Manager.

“In 2017 our team of retail consultants started to provide expert consultations. We are able to show clients not only hidden business opportunities, but to provide suggestions for action steps that help them increase turnover, service quality or optimize traffic in a short time. E.g. just by optimising the opening hours on the basis of customer behaviour analytics data, we have been able to increase our FMCG client’s monthly sales to more than unbelievable 5% from month to month. As our analyses are beyond the scope of transactional data, we also take into account information such as the movement of the passers-by, the traffic and the occupancy of the store. Equally important has been to measure, for example, the duration of customer service in the service zones, the relation of the length of queues to the overall loyalty of customers and many others, “says Juraj Podroužek.

Pygmalios is also proud of the first live installation in Austria last year, an important partnership with U&Sluno, which is one of the respected players in retail solutions on the Czech market.

The company was introduced in 2017 at the most important retail events in the region. At the beginning of the year, it became a platinum partner at the Retail Summit 2017 in Prague, Retail Innovations in Bratislava and successfully launched gender and age analysis at Europe’s largest retail exhibition Euroshop 2017 in Germany. Pygmalios thus confirms its position as a leader in In-store analytics, preparing expansion into other EU countries in 2018.

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