24 August 2018

The Purpose of Data Collection

Many retailers underestimate the power of data. Those who embrace the possibilities which technological solutions are providing them have an enormous advantage over their competitors.

It’s quite surprising to see how many retail stores are operating in today’s world without utilizing modern technologies.

We can agree on the fact that for the most people, raw data are not so easy to understand.

Without proper comprehending, quantified data may be as useless as if a retailer doesn’t have any at all.

The real question is, which tools can help retailers gather those data and how could they be valuable. Thanks to advanced technological solutions, retailers today can adjust their operations based on data.

However, those data aren’t coming from anywhere. To collect them, installation of adequate hardware equipment combined with analytics software is necessary.

Patterns of how the customers browse each store, the specific dynamics of customers’ movement throughout the store, the most densely occupied areas, queue waiting times or knowing customers’ gender or age – this is just the sample of what kind of data could be gathered and utilized.

By looking at these patterns, our Customer Success analysts can craft tailor-made tweaks for the particular store. Nevertheless, the data itself doesn’t have to be used necessarily for improvement procedures. It also gives a retailer the chance to gain a bigger picture of his customer pool. With this in mind, it’s easy to observe for instance if a marketing strategy is effective or not, whether the store layout needs changes or it’s set optimally.

Pygmalios Analytics provides retailers not only with the top-notch technological solution to tackle difficulties and increase store performance, but also personalized customer experience delivered by our Customer Success analysts.

The perks of the modern age have given businesses the chance to collect such information that couldn’t be measured not so long ago. Thanks to that, retailers are capable of way swifter adoption to the continually changing business climate.
David Borovsky, Marketing Intern

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