12 September 2018

Pygmalios Hosted Its First ‘In-House’ Certification Training

This September’s first week marked not only the beginning of next school year and students’ enthusiasm to obtain new knowledge but also the end of ‘dull summer season’ in the business world (finally!).

Still, there’s one untold story which we’re so eager to share with you. Last week was special to us mainly because of our three-day certification course in collaboration with our partners and technology suppliers.

The course took place right in our offices in Bratislava, where we hosted 15 attendees from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. During the three days full of extensive training regarding implementations services, participants had a chance to learn about the latest Pygmalios’ and our partners’ technological solutions.

Experts from Belgian partner company Blooloc and Swiss company Xovis introduced their ‘latest & greatest’ hardware and deliberately explained the details of configuration and calibration.

During our very first extensive training in cooperation with our partners, we’ve been able to provide our guests with valuable knowledge on how to smoothly operate Pygmalios Analytics.

At the end of the course, all participants received proper certificates. These three days also served a purpose of intense networking and strengthening of professional relationships with both our clients and partners.

It was our pleasure to host such an immense course, and we’re looking forward to hosting another soon.

David Borovsky, Marketing Intern

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