4 March 2019

Thank you, EuroCIS!

EuroCIS has always been the hub of the latest technological & analytical trends in the retail sector. This year it was no exception.

Of course, Pygmalios sent its expedition to Düsseldorf. There is no way that we would miss such a crucial retail-related conference. Being one of the pioneers of cutting-edge retail analytics solutions not only in Central Europe, it’s a no-brainer.

If you still have no clue what the EuroCIS is, remember it as the leading annual European retail-analytics conference. This year EuroCIS featured more than 13,000 retail enthusiasts and experts from over 90 countries. You wouldn’t find a more exciting place to be during those days – omnichannel management, payment systems, POS software/hardware, workforce management and many more. You name it. EuroCIS included every sphere, which directly or indirectly affects the retail industry in one way or another.

This year, you could find us at two booths. Additionally, to our regular booth, we also shared one with our precious partner, Xovis. Our mutual partnership is so important to us that we had decided to co-host one joint booth. During the EuroCIS’ three-days, it was our pleasure to held over 140 meetings with an average duration of 20 minutes!

Our social media presence was quite active during the EuroCIS. Except for our executives, Customer Success team and Implementation & Maintenance expert were present too. Visitors immensely praised the communication and high level of engagement of our specialists, which we appreciate a lot. Thanks to the presence of our Customer Success duo – Juraj and Zuzka, combined with our Implementation expert Miro, each guest had a chance to discuss how we are tailoring the best possible experience for every client. With these extremely competent individuals ‘on the ground,’ our company’s portfolio had been presented to potential consumers the best it could’ve been.

It wasn’t all dead serious. We didn’t forget about losing some steam. Precisely because of that we had prepared an interactive way of introducing our ‘Demographics’ to visitors via real-time monitoring that generated a unique customer profile.

How to sum up our EuroCIS journey? It was indeed a great experience, as it always has been. The retail industry is continuously innovating and adapting to the current trends, and we’re glad we are part of this.

See you next year, Düsseldorf!

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