7 June 2019

O2 Introduced a Unique Customer Service System in Its New Store

O2 Slovakia operator opened a new store in Aupark shopping center in Bratislava. It also introduced a unique customer service system.

The transfer of the current store in the Aupark shopping center in Bratislava to new premises enabled O2 Slovakia to open its largest store with an area of 170 m².

There is a self-service zone in the store where computers with self-service application My O2 is available for customers. Here they can handle most of the requirements without the assistance of the staff. However, if necessary, an assistant is also available to help. Milan Morávek, Sales and Customer Service Director of O2 Slovakia, said:

“The brand store in OC Aupark will be our “top” store in many ways. This is where the broadest portfolio of hardware and accessories is on display, and we also expect to be able to service the largest number of customers from all our stores.”

At the same time, O2 has introduced a modern assisted self-service system that makes work easier for shop assistants and call centers as well as customers. The operator has been developing this system for several years, and the main aim was to make the technical process the shorter part of the customer service while focusing more on analyzing their specific needs.

“The specific feature of our self-service system is a simple and intuitive environment in which the customer can serve himself on his own or with minimal assistance. The principle of assisted self-service expresses our values of fairness and transparency. This system is more advantageous not only for our customers but also for our employees. Another goal was to unburden our people, so they can spend more time focusing on products, services, and customer needs. We wish our employees to be considered advisors and guides more than ordinary dealers,” said Milan Morávek.

As part of the assisted self-service, O2 offers tablet service in the new store, which allows the customer to be served not only at the desk but anywhere in the shop, for example in the comfort of a sofa. This increases the comfort of the customers when fulfilling their requirement.

At the same time, it makes it possible for consultants to be on the move, creating service dynamics that is unique among telecommunication operators.
Space itself was created in collaboration with an expert on social marketing Marian Gečevský who provided the store with a “customer journey” story. It is based on the logical sequence of steps from the first impression of the customer when entering the shop through the moment of service to the customer’s impression from the space itself.

As in other stores, the newly opened O2 store will use the services of the award-winning Slovak IT company Pygmalios. It is dedicated to analyzing customer behavior in real time. Pygmalios’ analytical data helps O2, among other areas, to dimension the retail space so that their entire capacity is utilized and the customer is intuitively oriented from the very first entry.

“O2 is perceived as an innovator in the IT innovation industry, supporting interesting Slovak IT projects. We are grateful that we have been given trust as a leading innovation. In O2 stores, we are engaged in analyzing customer experience and thus helping improve the quality of customer experience. What makes a store successful is a whole set of factors. That is why the new store concept was also based on the analysis of behavior patterns in the original store so that O2 could bring a truly new, added value to the customer. The opening of the new store is proof of how intensively O2 is working to improve customer experience with the help of the latest technology,” says Michal Tomčík, co-founder of Pygmalios.

“We have been working with Pygmalios for a long time. In particular, our goal is to improve customer care and customer experience, for example, by reducing the average waiting time or customer service. We also monitor more efficiently our workforce capacities planning in the store, the store attractiveness to the surroundings, or the effective planning of opening hours,” says Milan Morávek.

Therefore, the analysis of these data should primarily aim at increasing customer satisfaction and adapting to specific needs that vary based on the particular geographic location of the operation. “We know what’s happening in the store without having a calling system that is restrictive to the customer and does not allow him to move freely around the store. The customer does not have to wait for his order number to be called up, but the consultant will pick him up personally on his walk through the shop,” adds Morávek.

The new store will serve not only the customers but also its employees, who will find an inspiring and comfortable space in it. There will be 14 consultants working under the supervision of the store manager in the newly opened store, which will increase the service capacity by almost 30%.

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