6 September 2021

Pyg spends the night at an old Pioneer Camp

One of the last remains of the long-gone Soviet regime can be traced to the cottages built solely to host the young pioneer camps. And even though these cottages don’t contribute to their original purpose anymore, they stubbornly remain erect, luring the unsuspecting passersby like us, the Pygmalios crew, into the bittersweet land of nostalgia. 

Imagine a number of small but all-inclusive (no, not like a 5-star hotel on the Azores) cabins scattered right in nature’s heart, looking something like this from the outside: 

PT Javorina

And something like this from the inside:

PT Javorina

If you think we sound like we’re complaining, then you couldn’t be further from the truth. We actually loved to escape the numbing comfort of our own homes and find out whether we’re still capable of a simple and minimalist lifestyle without any phone signal, essentially sleeping on the floor disguised as a 20-something-year-old mattress. 

However, trying to survive without the internet wasn’t the main reason why we embarked on this adventure. The true reason was far more strategic. 


After the world-shattering 2nd wave of the pandemic finally passed, Pygmalios found itself standing firmly on the ground, but deeply shaken. We felt a pressing urge to reassess our core values together and address the challenges lingering above our heads.

PT Javorina

To get everybody enough space for expression, our CEO Milan divided us into three small working teams while simultaneously joining one of them. Our job was to address the challenges independently as a team and then discuss them with others. More heads more ideas, right?  

To introduce more competitiveness, the teams competed in 5 different exercises, all related to Pyg’s vehemently debated strategy. To this day, we don’t have a clear winner but deep inside, everybody knows team number 3 won. 

PT Javorina

Even though we had plenty of snacks on-site, we got hungry at some point and needed to exchange some thought for food at the nearest restaurant.  

Below, a happy photo of us being fed and a challenge for you: find the only girl that belongs to the Pyg crew! She’s there somewhere, enjoying her fried cheese with french fries.  

PT Javorina


We know you’re here mainly for the photos but you’d like to know what we agreed on too, don’t you? Well, here it is.

  • We agreed on our mission, which is to advance brick-and-mortar with the help of in-store data.
  • We reviewed and assessed Pyg’s vision, which revolves around delivering a high-quality customer experience and simpler store management to the world’s top retailers. 
  • We sorted out our core values as a company with professionalism, ownership, and personal development being among the top three on the list, closely followed by credibility, out-of-the-box thinking, team spirit, openness, and high ethical standards.
PT Javorina

Our goals were another big topic for brainstorming and discussion. We produced the top five most important company objectives for the months to come:

  1. Reaching our sales goals in a very challenging environment
  2. Extending our product portfolio to reflect the extremely fast-changing retail industry
  3. Expanding our strategic partnerships 
  4. Adopting new growth hacking techniques
  5. Keeping our team happy and motivated

With these five goals on top of our minds (and with our out-of-the-box thinking), it became much easier to come up with a good accompanying strategy to reach them. 

To find out what strategy we chose to reach our goals, just keep following our journey on social media or via our blog while staying in close touch.


More photos and fun activities we did while pioneering our strategy at the ex pioneer campsite coming your way! We know this is what you came for.

It mostly felt like the Backstreet Boys music video times five.

PT Javorina

How could we enjoy a simple and fulfilling lifestyle without petting a dog? Luckily, Pyg’s cofounder Michal had one at his disposal. 

PT Javorina

After the workshop, it was time to chop up some wood for an outdoor grilling sesh. You can guess who out of our three VPs was doing it right. 

PT Javorina

When the chop-up was completed, our VP of Product organized another useful workshop, this time in teaching less knowledgable folk in campfire grilling to stick a sausage on a roasting fork.

PT Javorina

We managed to start preparing dinner while getting all smokey from the fire fumes. Still worth it. 

PT Javorina

We were fed some more while being completely mesmerized by the fire. We almost cried from the heat and smoke but couldn’t just leave. 

PT Javorina

One more (living) thing. We saw an ondatra and it made us happy so we thought you may like to see it too. 

Pygmalios team


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