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4 p.m.
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The most visited zone today is Bakery

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43 sec
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6 p.m.
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Know your customer even before he enters your store

Do you know how many people are walking around during the day? Even after the store is closed, the movement in front of it can by considerable. With Traffic Module you can measure all movement in front of your store and know your store potential.

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Count your visitors with more than 90% accuracy

Measure your campaign and know its performance. You will know exactly how many new and loyal customers are attracted. You can compare these insights to your transactional data and see the real impact on your business.

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Understand visitors behaviour and know their demography

Browsing can show you whether the categories in the store are distributed correctly. It will show you hot and cold zones. Also you will see how much time the customer spends in the shop effectively, exact path or distance he walked. With demography you will see gender and age of your visitors.

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Measure your zones performance

Measure each zone independently a see its occupancy, stay time and revenue. This information will give you a deeper insight into customers needs, your real offer and lost business potential.

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business metrics

Store potential

Identify the lost sales potential. The metrics will help you to find roots of bad store layout, long queues or bad services. You can take immediate actions to improve it.


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Know your customer even before enters your store

Learn From The Analytics

Effective shopping time

The ineffective time, such as passing through the entry zones and waiting in line, grew by 20%.

Loyalty vs ATV

By using loyalty-enhancing activities customers return to the store more often and are willing to shop more. ATV and UPT are continuously rising.

Queue vs Loyalty

The store loses 14% of additional visits from loyal customers.

Marketing effectivity

After launching the campaign, the number of visitors increased by 15% over the three weeks, with a new visitor increase of 30%.

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    Only by adjusting opening hours our revenue grew by 6%. Lubomír Franta, Director
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    We increased revenue by 6% only by adjusting opening hours.

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      We increased revenue by 6% only by adjusting opening hours.

      Ľubomír Franta

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