Customer movement analytics based on positioning data. It provides you with a detailed view of how exactly customers utilize the shopping area, how they interact with the product zones and the store’s layout in general. Customer flow is precisely tracked thanks to the RTLS (real-time location system) and analyzed in real-time.

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Floor utilization by stay times

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Product zones

Questions for retailers.

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Do I have a well-spaced magnetism layout of the different categories throughout the store? Are they reasonably attractive at a given time?

The application showed a zone with very high customer penetration, a more efficient distribution of goods will be required.

Is my store designed optimally? Which zones of the store are bypassed?

We have indicated a zone that loses up to 40% of potential visitors to neighboring areas.

What is the optimal time to shop? How much time do customers spend in the store ineffectively?

The ineffective time, such as passing through the entry zones and waiting in line, grew by 20%.

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    Now we can see which parts of the store customers intuitively prefer during the week. This helps us to refine the planning of the work staff and meet our customers needs.

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