Add your core productivity KPIs as a layer on top of the core behavioural KPIs and see how they relate to each other. Integrated with a large variety of POS systems, this module provides you with a detailed view of the essential business metrics (Revenue, ATV, UPT). Bundled with the Traffic module, it also allows you to monitor the critical indicators of store productivity such as the conversion rate of visitors into customers.

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Average transaction value

Conversion rate


Units per transaction

Example Questions

Buying Can Answer

Where are the hidden business opportunities?

During one day the store lost more than 72% of its sales potential. Possibly thanks to lousy service.

Do I achieve set business plans based on changes made in the store?

Total sales did not change even though the Capture Rate increased. The store could not re-sell this potential (Conversion Rate declined).

What is the business impact of the number of loyal customers? How does average transaction value (ATV), units pet transaction (UPT) or total turnover change?

By using loyalty-enhancing activities, customers return to the store more often and are willing to shop more. ATV and UPT are continuously rising.

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    Your data fulfils me with optimism. Miloš Hrbatý
    Based on the information collected from Pygmalios analytics solution, we plan to make changes and rethink our window strategy across the entire Mango chain in Slovakia.
    I think that the presentation definitely fulfilled both, the promised agenda, as well as the expectations with which we agreed to it - and the particular demonstrations of how to compare and search within the online analytical tools were inspirational to me personally.
    We are continually looking for opportunities to improve service, provide a comfortable shopping experience in a comfortable modern environment, and Pygmalios's service helps us to implement it. Ľubomír Franta
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    Now we can see which parts of the store customers intuitively prefer during the week. This helps us to refine the planning of the work staff and meet our customers needs.

    Jana Karasová

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