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We believe that everything that can be measured can be improved. With us, you can find out when you need more employees on the floor, shorten the waiting times in queues, make your marketing campaign more effective and much more.

Pygmalios Timeline


We received a demand to bring web tracking analytics to brick-and-mortar stores. IoT technologies era has brought new ways to understand customers behaviour and improve service quality in retail.


Idea of the year - winner

Idea validation. We won National idea awards from other 430 competitive ideas.


First strong brands

Pygmalios has proved to be able to deliver online analytics to brick-and-mortar stores. First installations with multiple sensors started to improve services of big brands like Mango, DM Drogerie or BMW.


Retail Summit

Pygmalios and Cisco are the platinum partner of the biggest retail conference in region. In-store analytics and IoT in retail as the the main topic of Retail Summit 2017.


Customer success

Pygmalios is setting up a Customer Success team to help understand and help our clients to find a business value in the new field called behaviour analytics.


Euroshop 2017

Pygmalios is attending worlds biggest retail conference Euroshop 2017. Launching new modul called Demographics .


Improving store performance

Pygmalios has in average earned additional 5% to its clients revenue.


Growing fast

Pygmalios has become the solution for 400+ stores, helps 10+ big retail brands in FMCG, Fashion, Banks, Telco and services in EU.


EuroCIS 2018

Pygmalios exhibits at the biggest retail event, talking to the key retail players in Europe.


Ronny Max at Pygmalios

We invited Ronny Max, the expert from Stanford University and founder of Behavioral Analytics Academy. Our clients had a unique possibility to have a discussion with her.


EuroCIS 2019

Pygmalios exhibits for a second time at the biggest retail event, talking to the key retail players in Europe.


RetailEXPO 2019 London

Pygmalios exhibits together with Xovis at RetailEXPO 2019 in London.

Ethics statement

"Together with the clients, we will create the best possible shopping experience for you, with a great emphasis on protecting your privacy, which is a top priority for Pygmalios."

Team Pygmalios

How Do We Process Data



All sensors distinguish only those details that are necessary for statistics. We never create a personal profile of the visitor.

Secured cloud

Secured Cloud

All data is evaluated on a secure cloud where it is processed into anonymous statistics that serve the merchant to improve his services.

Deleting Source Data

Deleting Source Data

Source data is not associated with any other database and is erased immediately after processing.

Only Trusted

Only Trusted

Our processes are set up so that only the authorised person controlled by the internal regulations and the Code of Conduct can handle the data.

Personalised Shopping

At Pygmalios, we help marketers create a pleasant and personalised shopping experience for their customers. Thanks to intelligent sensors and sophisticated algorithms, we evaluate many aspects of Customers’ behaviour, for example, at what time customers visit the store, what is their demographic composition, loyalty, or what time they spend in the shop.


Our sensors recognise only details that could be detected by a person standing physically in the store (for example, a shop assistant) and only to evaluate the statistical indicators. Our goal is not to create a personal profile of a visitor through his personal information.

Anonymous data

Collected data are evaluated automatically and at the end of the process, we get anonymous statistical indicators (metrics) such as the average occupancy of the store in given hours and days, average time of visits, or favourite customer routes. We evaluate the data to help the retailer improve his services through the understanding of the behaviour of their customers. The collected source data is not associated with any other database and we delete them after a statistical evaluation. Users only have access to aggregated data for selected monitored periods. Because privacy is one of our priorities, our internal processes allow only the computer or the eligible person to handle the data.

Following the regulations

Currently, on the EU market, the new rules on personal data protection will enter into force – General Data Protection Regulation, or ePrivacy Regulation). Pygmalios closely follows these rules and discussions about their application to practice and submits its services to the requirements arising from them.


At Pygmalios, we sensitively perceive the ethical dimension of our solutions for using in-store analytics as well as the impact of modern technology on society. We are trying to build our technologies so it reflects not only valid legislative frameworks but also generally accepted moral and social values. We want to contribute to the debate on the ethical boundaries of digital technologies and educate our employees, partners and the public. We follow current trends, that determine professional discussion about Value Sensitive Design, Responsible Innovation a Digital Ethics.

Fair approach

We care about fair and open approach and our clients’ awareness to enable them to make decisions that will lead to better customer experience.

Support Policy

We are providing first-class support to all of our customers.

Learn more: Support Policy

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