Adjust your marketing activities to your real target audience. Thanks to the dedicated video analytics sensors, you will be able to analyse the gender and age structure of your customers with ±5 years accuracy.

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Gender allocation

Age groups classification

Average age trends


Demographics Can Answer

Was your campaign effective? How has demography changed on individual sites during the A/B Campaign Testing?

Variant B proved to be more efficient. Store B brought an additional 16% of target group customers aged 26-45; Variant A attracted only 4%.

Has the target group (women) been attracted? Has it reflected in sales?

The marketing campaign attracted an additional 37% of customers from the target group in July. Nevertheless, sales have changed only marginally.

How do my customers’ demographics change over time?

Year-over-year, the number of customers aged 30-45 increased by 20%.

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    Based on the information collected from Pygmalios analytics solution, we plan to make changes and rethink our window strategy across the entire Mango chain in Slovakia.
    We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve service, provide a comfortable shopping experience in a comfortable modern environment, and Pygmalios's service helps us to implement it. Ľubomir Franta
    I think that the presentation definitely fulfilled both, the promised agenda, as well as the expectations with which we agreed to it - and the particular demonstrations of how to compare and search within the online analytical tools were definitely inspirational to me personally.
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    Now we can see which parts of the store customers intuitively prefer during the week. This helps us to refine the planning of the work staff and meet our customers needs.

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