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What Is Real Time Store Occupancy Management?

An Effective Customer Flow Regulation System

Improving the safety of stores and customers in real time

Pygmalios Real Time Occupancy Management was developed to help retailers in coping with the restrictions during the Coronavirus pandemic. Accurate sensors which are installed at the entrance of the store are able to partially replace the presence of a live employee at the door. Thanks to these sensors, the system regulates the number of customers allowed to enter the store.

How does it work?

Real-Time Store Occupancy Management against COVID-19 features:

• Automatics customer flow regulation

• alerts when the maximum allowed number of people in the store is exceeded

• reports showing problematic hours during the day

• real time occupancy reports for employees, can be open to the public

Pygmalios Traffic Lights

Customer flow regulation thanks to visual signalling

Pygmalios Traffic Lights features:

  • The system regulates the number of customers thanks to simple visual guidelines
  • green light – the number of people in the store is within the safety limit
  • red light – the maximum number of people in the store has been reached
  • In case of the store exceeding the set safety limit, the system automatically notifies a designated employee

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Pygmalios Live

Reports viewing the occupancy of the store in real time

The Pygmalios Live reports provide up-to-date information on the occupancy of the store in real time and show the trends during the day. Thanks to these data, you can manage increased concentrations of customers in your store throughout the day. Low concentrations of people & avoiding closer contact dramatically reduces the spread of the Coronavirus contagion in enclosed spaces and improves the safety of the store.

Pygmalios Live features:

  • Dashboard indicating the current status of the store and a daily occupancy trend,
  • alerts (red) if the store reached the safety limits. It is the retailer’s responsibility to setup the concrete parameters of these restrictions,
  • an option to show the data online to the public.

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How Do Pygmalios Tools Work?

The Real Time Store Occupancy Management system is simple and effective.

  • We will install a sensor at each store entrance – it’s quick & simple,
  • the sensor anonymously tracks people and calculates the number of customers entering and leaving the store,
  • the store occupancy is calculated in real time,
  • we will calculate the optimal occupancy according to the regulations on the maximum number of people in a given space,
  • free capacity is communicated to the customers thanks to visual signalling (on-screen traffic lights) in front of the entrance,
  • an overview of the current occupancy is always at disposal to the employees via a live dashboard.

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