People Counting+

The smartest people counting solution for retail. Unmatched accuracy, user-friendly application, AI sensors, and revolutionary AI optimization tools.

Pygmalios People counting solution

Future-proof people counting

We present you with our people counting solution with the ultimate level of accuracy, advanced user-friendly applications, and unique AI-based optimization tools.

Increase the performance of sales associates, optimize your workplace and save costs. With smart notification alerts you can increase your service quality and customer satisfaction. Distribute work funds between employees fairly with unmatched accuracy and data quality.

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People Counting Pygmalios App

Your store at your fingertips

Benchmark your store’s network in user-friendly cloud-based applications with historical data and even sales data and weather. Export every report to CSV or Excel.

  • Accurate customer traffic reports and visitor profiling
  • Store benchmarking overview
  • 24/7 data collection, monitoring and historical data comparisons
  • Access via desktop or mobile web browser
  • Staff filtering, buying units and gender recognition
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Export, notify or connect via API.

Connect your internal CRM or BI tool with our API application. RESTful API technology can give you multiple options including data streaming for receiving data in real time.

  • RESTful API
  • PUSH or PULL methods
  • Real-time data streaming
  • Go beyond reports with API and customization
Pygmalios People counting solution

Fast Queue

AI-powered automated queue management system that provides a complete queue management solution for retail.

By using some of the most advanced sensors in the market, robust analytical platform, and its integration capabilities it provides a complete queue management solution especially suited for all kinds of stores (eg. grocery and supermarkets) where queues are a tricky challenge.

  • Automated queuing data monitoring
  • Cashier service KPIs
  • Up to 15min queue prediction
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Pygmalios People counting solution

Occupancy Management

Thanks to a high precision rate sensor, the system is able to partially replace an employee’s physical presence and regulate the number of visitors entering the store.

Pygmalios Occupancy Management was developed to assist with following the strict hygienic norms and regulations issued by the government during the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • Automatic regulation of customer flow
  • Problematic hours during the day
  • Live visit reports in real time available for the public
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Optimal Workforce

Optimal Workforce

New revolutionary tool for staff planning optimization. The AI-powered algorithm generates optimal employee schedules automatically.

Pygmalios Optimal Workforce is the new revolutionary tool for staff planning automation. The AI-powered algorithm generates optimal employee schedules based on different business goals.

  • Staff planning automation
  • Store employee schedules
  • Difference between optimal and actual staff schedules
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