Never ending queues lead directly to reduced shopper satisfaction. This results in low customer loyalty. Active queue monitoring mitigates these risks, reduces your customers’ frustrations and helps you better organise your staff. Accurate video sensors are used to monitor congestion patterns and enable you to forecast when and where queues occur.

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Average queue lenght

Queue volume distribution in time

Effectivity of service lanes


Queue Can Answer

How many cashiers do I need to schedule for the next week?

Wednesdays are the days with the highest congestion at the wait lines.

Do I have well-optimized cashier shifts?

We have identified overloaded shifts when longer queues occurred.

How does the length of queue affect the frequency of purchases and customer loyalty?

The store loses 14% of additional visits from loyal customers.

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    Your data fulfils me with optimism. Miloš Hrbatý
    Based on the information collected from Pygmalios analytics solution, we plan to make changes and rethink our window strategy across the entire Mango chain in Slovakia.
    I think that the presentation definitely fulfilled both, the promised agenda, as well as the expectations with which we agreed to it - and the particular demonstrations of how to compare and search within the online analytical tools were definitely inspirational to me personally.
    We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve service, provide a comfortable shopping experience in a comfortable modern environment, and Pygmalios's service helps us to implement it. Ľubomír Franta
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    Now we can see which parts of the store customers intuitively prefer during the week. This helps us to refine the planning of the work staff and meet our customers needs.

    Jana Karasová

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